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HPGe → Split signal using BNC T junction

→ First line to spec amp -> peak sensing ADC

→ Second line to timing/filter amp with ~2.3x amplification (also inverts)

→ Discriminator (Blue lecroy model #xxxx)

→ Top of dual timer then into bottom of dual timer

→ Into 1st gate and delay generator

--> positive sent to second gate and delay module

--> negative sent to PADC as gate for spec amp signal

→ 2nd gate and delay generator used for ROC signal

June 2022 Efficiency Measuremets

1. Output 1 → fan in/out

2A. 1st fan in/out output → spec amp

3A. Spec amp output → ADC input

2B. 2nd fan in/out output → timing filter amp

3B. Timing filter amp output → discriminator input

4B. Discriminator output → negative input of gate/delay generator 1

5B. Negative output of gate/delay generator 1 → ADC Gate

5C. Positive output of gate/delay generator 1 → Positive input of gate/delay generator 2

6C. Negative output of gate/delay generator 2 → Readout card port 1

List of Modules

Module Brand Model Number
Fan in/out CAEN N625

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