CH Gd Spectra

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1.32uCi Cf252 Spontaneous Fission Source

Relevant Photon Energy Spectrum

GdPhotonFlux 9-16-2021.png
GdPhotonFlux 9-16-2021.png

Gaussian Fits over Photon Peaks

GdPhotonFlux 897KeV Fit 9-16-2021.png

Constant: 6.25055*10-2 [math]\pm[/math] 2.20238*10-3

Mean: 897.419 [math]\pm[/math] 4.16236*10-2

Sigma: 1.02409 [math]\pm[/math] 3.78539*10-2

Background Offset: 0.006 Fixed (not fit)

Area under gaussian: 0.160452 [math]\pm[/math] 0.00819376

PAS Feasibility Study Runs