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[[Image:NaI_Pulse_2-24-08_1.png | 400 px]]
[[Image:NaI_Pulse_2-24-08_1.png | 400 px]]
Now change scope to 5 sec accumulation.  1 Mev electron should give 55 mV pulse on scope.
[[Image:NaI_Pulse_2-24-08_2.png | 400 px]]

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Configure 25 Mev Beam line

NaI Detector

PMT HV 1500 Co-60 1microCi source: 1MeV band at about 55mV
Co60 NaI 1500HV.jpg

PMT HV 1500 no source, noisey tube
Background NaI 1500HV.png

Beam Profile

1.5 inch FWHM beam profile measured at 8 mA peak current. The units on the beam scan is in inches. so the grid is 2inch by 2 inch (5cm by 5cm). Frequency is 60 Hz.

BeamProfile 2-26-08 1.jpg

_________________________________ 4 mA peak current

400 px


400 px

Beam on


Turned beam on zero degree port and NaI lights up whan positioned just after the beam pipe window.

Must be gammas Rate = 10 count/sec. Anode amplified (x64) then discriminated and put into a scaler. Threshold on discriminator is 2 Volts and results in zero counts when beam off. NaI PMT at 1500 volts.

NaI Pulse 2-24-08.png


Now move NaI detector so it is near experimental Cell wall. Just inside the wall

Gamma rate goes to zero!

NaI Pulse 2-24-08 1.png

Now change scope to 5 sec accumulation. 1 Mev electron should give 55 mV pulse on scope.

NaI Pulse 2-24-08 2.png