CHIPS IAC Run 5-28-08

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Delay from gun is about 400 ns gate width between 400 and 800 ns

Tune 4 MeV electrons into Experimental Cell

Optics elements 45Q2, Bend2, L90Q1m L90Q2 are after the tungsten converter.

Device setting
RS1 -0.46
RS2 +0.77
FS1 -0.68
FS2 0.00
0Q1 +0.76
0Q2 +0.94
45Q1 +0.02
45Q2 +1.37
L90Q1 -2.98
L90Q2 +0.98
Bend1 +1.42
Bend2 +10.66
Gun HV 20 kV
Grid 4.84
802 13.2 kV
SOL1 0.00
SOL2 8.59

Here is an image of the transmission. Channel-2 minus Channel-4 (FC - flange).


Zero Degree Port.

Beam spot as a function of grid voltage knob setting -- not calibrated to voltage but reproducible. (Settings: 0.1, 0.15, 0.18, 0.2)

ZeroPort 10MeV Gun2keV Grid 0.1.jpg ZeroPort 10MeV Gun2keV Grid 0.15.jpg ZeroPort 10MeV Gun2keV Grid 0.18.jpg ZeroPort 10MeV Gun2keV Grid 0.20.jpg

The 0.15 grid setting is nice. It does not saturate. Here we take slices in x and y and then fit gaussians to the intensity curves. We observe that 35 mm is 244 pix.

MPA Runs

Run # MPA file name W Ta Description
6 NaI006.mpa NA NA Background measurement, no source
7 NaI007.mpa NA NA Na-22 source on top of NaI detector
8 NaI008.mpa NA NA change spec amp gain from 500 to 200
9 NaI009.mpa NA NA Co-60 source on top of NaI, Na-22 removed, Spec amp gain back to 500
10 NaI010.mpa NA NA change spec amp gain from 500 to 1000, put Na-22 and Co-60 on top of Nai
11 NaI011.mpa IN IN ADC free running, change spec amp gain to 500, took out sources
12 NaI012.mpa IN IN ADC gated with Gun, change spec amp gain to 500, took out sources
13 NaI013.mpa IN IN Start Time: 13.27, Stop Time:

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