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  • It is real that electron can be simultaneously in several places, like QM told to us?
  • Why electron does not radiate when it orbits around the atomic nuclei?
  • Why the laws of classical electrodynamics does not apply to atom?
  • Will electron radiate when it travels in curved space-time?

wave function?

  • QM interpretation: w.f. describes the particle (probability to find the particles in certain place and certain time etc...)
  • Bayesian interpretation: w.f. describes the incomplete information about the particle

measurements The all troubles in physics comes because people talk in different languages (Tower of Babel)

[math] y = \Theta + x [/math]

  • [math]\Theta[/math] - phenomenon, nature;
  • x - noise
  • y - measurement

physics laws

  • Nature -> measurements (people are doing) -> incomplete information -> physics
  • There is nature which does not care about physics. The physics law reflect the incomplete information which people have through measurements about nature