Beam Test Jul 18 2012

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Tune up 2 MeV into 90 degree line

Check results from yesterday

Lower beam current so single pulses are observed in scintillator

Install thick scintillator for energy calibration


Energy Switch Out (High En)
Solenoid 1 6.2 A
Solenoid 2 3.3 A
Gun Hor -0.2 A
Gun Ver 0 A
Output Hor -0.3 A
Output Ver 0 A
Rep Rate 8
Gun HV 10 (Knob Setting)
Gun Grid Voltage 10 (Knob Setting)
RF frequency 2856.320 MHz
Modulator HV Power Supply 10 (Knob Setting)
RF macro Pulse Length (FWHM) 300 ns
Q1 (A) -3.7
Q2 (A) -5.5
Q3 (A) +0.6