Au-196 Foil-08-22-13

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Gold irradiation physics

Knock a neutron out of natural gold such that an excited state of Au-196 remains that will undergo electron capture to Pt-196 with a half life of 6 days or 2% of the time it can be left in a meta stable state with two possible half lifes of 8 seconds or 9 hours.

[math]{197 \atop\; }Au (\gamma,n){196 \atop \; }Au[/math]

The 8 sec metastable state of Au-196 decays through the emission of only one 84.66 keV photon.

The 9.6 hour metastable state has high intensity gamma lines at 147.81 keV and 188.27 keV. The 147.81 and the 188.27 are in coincidence.

[math]{196 \atop \; }Au \rightarrow {196 \atop \; }Pt^* [/math] with a half life of 6 days.

The Pt-196 has a 355.73 dominant (100% relative intensity) gamma line that goes to the 256.2 state giving off a 97.3 keV photon

Irradiation of foil 130100-009

Irradiation finished at August 22, 2013 1:52:41 PM MDT(unix seconds = 1377201161)

Run Number Date (Seconds since 1970) Sec since irradiation Running Time (sec) 898 Rate 1836 rate Calibration Desc
5852 Gold Foil 130100-009, only counting with detector 180-3 (no TDC) 7 min 34 sec long, 716 Hz, Det B HV OFF,