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=Rise of table per rotation=
=Rise of table per rotation=

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Tests of the beam position monitor and the FC using the HRRL

Position tests

Below we see the first signals from the BPM

BPM 20mA 25ns 10Hz Position1.png

changed current

Current scope picture
80(early) BPM position 80mA 1.pngBPM position 80mA 2.pngBPM position 80mA 3.png
40 BPM position 40mA 1.png BPM position 40mA 2.pngBPM position 40mA 3.png
80(later) BPM position 80mA(later) 1.png BPM position 80mA(later) 2.png BPM position 80mA(later) 3.png

changed position

position change asym scope picture
5 turns clockwise of platform 0.879 [math]\pm[/math] 0.0623 5 turns clockwise 1.png 5 turns clockwise 1.png
4 turn clockwise 0.659 [math]\pm[/math] 0.0149 1 turns counter clockwise 1.png
3 turn clockwise 0.646 [math]\pm[/math] 0.169 1 turns (2nd) counter clockwise 1.png
2 turn clockwise 0.8 [math]\pm[/math] 0.080 1 turns (3rd) counter clockwise (80mAmp) 1.png
4 turns counter clockwise 0.028 [math]\pm[/math] 0.003 12 turns counter clockwise 80mAmp.png
0 turns from center 0.135 [math]\pm[/math] 0.159 At center.png
8 turns clockwise 0.885 [math]\pm[/math] 0.001 8 turns clockwise.png
6 turns clockwise .778 [math]\pm[/math] 0.002 6 turns clockwise.png
2 turns counter clockwise 0.231 [math]\pm[/math] 0.112 2 turns counter clockwise.png


DD 80mA 25ns 10Hz Position1.png


counter clockwise 1 turn

FC performance

The JLab FC was placed (in AIR) 30 cm from the zero port window of the HRRL. A ground braid connected the BNC connector to the ground used by the accelerator RF. Without this ground there was even more RF pickup. The lower yellow trace represents the RF pulse from the HRRL which was running with 40 ns pulse widths at a rep rate of 205 Hz.

Current (mA) scope picture
2 FC JLab HRRL 2mA 40.jpg
5 FC JLab HRRL 5mA 96.jpg
20 FC JLab HRRL 20mA 160.jpg
40 FC JLab HRRL 40mA 190.jpg
80 FC JLab HRRL 80mA 230.jpg

FC JLAB HRRL Calib 5-19-08.jpg

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Rise of table per rotation

Turns h (cm)
Original position 10.02
10 turns ccw (down) 9.03
10 turns ccw (down) 7.00
10 turns cw (up) 9.04
10 turns cw (up) 10.04
10 turns ccw (down) 9.05
10 turns ccw (down) 7.00
10 turns ccw (down) 4.94

Where "h" is height of table, and "cw" and "ccw" stand for clockwise and counter clockwise respectively.

The average change of height by a turn is 0.19 cm, with standard deviation σ =0.1cm