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|position change
|position change
| asym
|scope picture
|scope picture

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Tests of the beam position monitor and the FC using the HRRL

Position tests

Below we see the first signals from the BPM

BPM 20mA 25ns 10Hz Position1.png

changed current

Current scope picture
80(early) BPM position 80mA 1.pngBPM position 80mA 2.pngBPM position 80mA 3.png
40 BPM position 40mA 1.png BPM position 40mA 2.pngBPM position 40mA 3.png
80(later) BPM position 80mA(later) 1.png BPM position 80mA(later) 2.png

changed position

position change asym scope picture
5 turns clockwise of platform 7/8 [math]\pm[/math] File:Put picture here
1 turn counter clockwise 3/5
1 more turn counter clockwise 3/5


DD 80mA 25ns 10Hz Position1.png


counter clockwise 1 turn

FC performance

Current (mA) scope picture
0 File:Put picture here
1 File:Put picture here