2015 NSF Proposal

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Proposal Due

November 13, 2015



CLAS12 Detector.jpgEG12 TRGT 6-5-2015.png

Mention how construction of R1 illustrates the groups level of investment in Hall B's physics research program. The group's involvement will continue by training students in the calibration of the CLAS12 drift chambers. Olga Cortez has already been contributing in this manner.

Annual Project Report

June 2017

Reviewed NSF proposal. Reviewed PAC proposal for CLAS.

Software beta testing. Particle vertex reconstruction.

Simulations for upcoming Run Group C experiment in Hall B. Moller background simulation to evaluate beam line shielding design.

Below is the Xbj distribution predicted by clasDIS using an 11 GeV beam.

TF CLAS12 RGC 11GeV Xbj 4-17.png

Below is the electron scattering angle predicted by clasDIS using a 5 GeV beam to benchmark the simulation to experiment E00-108. The distribution for several Xbj bins used in E00-108 are shown.

File:TF CLAS12 RGC 5GeV ThetaE 4-17.png 400 px