2-LTD-brick x-pinch driver notes

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Minimum operating current

  • There is a minimum operating current due to need to work in the magnetic self-isolating regime [L. E. Aranchuk, A. S. Chuvatin, and J. Larour, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 69 (2004)]
  • For our geometry (6 mm gam, 2.5" anode and 2" cathode) and taking min voltage 60 kV, the minimum operating current will be

[math] I = 0.64 \sqrt{V} \ \ln{R_a/R_c} = 22 kA[/math]

10/30/14 Spielman about calibration error

  • error in my Rogowski calibration (proposal, short12, 082914) is 1.3% just because of scope digitization
  • we need to reduce this error with multiple shorts: do 10 shots => error ~1/sqrt(10)