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Because is something wrong I decided to measure the counts rate as function of threshold energy. Maybe my threshold was incorrect.

Below are my results for n's detector with HAMAMATSU PMT (-1500 V):

Det1 callibration.png

So it looks like my previous threshold value (-500 mV) was not good. Let's set it up the -200 mV. And let's see does the n's detector sensitive to the source. The same set up and distances as before.

counts/sec (5 min test), no source counts/sec (5 min test), with source on the top of PS1
n's 19.89[math]\pm[/math]0.26 (total 5966 cnts) 58.84[math]\pm[/math]0.29 (total 17652 cnts)

So now we see the source. The ratio are:

[math]\frac{Rate_{source}}{Rate_{w/source}} = \frac{58.84}{19.89} = 2.96 [/math]